Breakthrough: More Gym Time, Absolutely No Questions Asked

My friend and I are hitting the gym more often than once a week!

I usually go with my friend Rick on Sunday but my childhood friend and I are going to hit it together during the week. This is important to me because I’d like to continue to shed weight and gain muscle1.

My friend is a bit weak but she’s one of the hardest chicks I know so we’re going to light it up at PF when we get there.


I am writing this almost a week after I went to the gym last Sunday but I wanted to check-in with y’all to let y’all know what’s been going on.

I’ve been eating okay but slipped up with some pizzeria subs a couple times last week. The best part was I recognized what was happening and eliminated the issue. I added the IP address of the restaurant to my hosts file on my iMac to prevent me from ordering. You may laugh or think I’m weak, but it’s the same thing as not buying any Oreos because you know if you buy them you’re eating all them Oreos in one sitting. This is just a really nerdy way to do the same thing2.

Gym and food stats

Here is what my Sunday looked like last week. I am going to be updating this more it’s just been crazy for me lately.

My stomach is the place I notice the most improvement/shrinkage
Stats for the gym sesh last week
Food log for 2020-02-23
  1. Even though I am old affffffff… 

  2. On my iPhone, I created a custom rule in ‎1Blocker to not be able to get to it that way. This doesn’t work in Chrome but neither does Apple Pay which is the easiest way to get a delivery on the iPhone.