Shut In, Work Out

Hey y’all! Been a minnnnute.

I am still here and still working on my fitness and health. Like many people, I got laid off and right around the time I started my YouTube channel and this blog. It’s been rough and while I have two vlogs in the edit queue, I just have been paralyzed by, you know, not having a steady income. And with this COVID-19 business, I, like so many of you, won’t know when another job will turn up. Shit is wild right now.

On to other business

I have just started exercising again, this time in my living room, with my big ass TV, watching the HASfit YouTube channel1. I put this off fo a month and a half but the other morning, even though I only had 4 hours sleep, I felt like exercising and I did. I vlogged that entire day and have it in the queue for editing.


Been eating out less and much, much better. My skin is looking better, I am feeling better about eating better. It’s cyclical.

I’ve been getting in veggies and fruits. I made crab cakes and roasted2 veggies, and a couple of small red potatoes.

Twas good. Filter on this photo doesn't do it justice but then again neither did the literal photo 😏

Today, 2020-04-23, I did get takeout and really only at that all day. I’ve got to be better about eating throughout the day so that I am not shoveling 1000 calories in my face at dinner. I don’t eat until dinner and then it’s all downhill from there. Tomorrow I’ll get it right.

Stats from when I started this blog post, 2020-04-19. It's been pretty consistent until tonight.

MapMyFitness stats

The whole site was down all day Monday. It made it a hassle to track my lifting.

  1. More of my thing than FitnessBlender which I was using two years ago. Fitness Blender is more cardio and “toning” than actual weight-lifting which I am looking for. HASfit, HASit. Ha. 

  2. Glass pans aren’t great for roasting as you can see.