A Hero's Journey: Finding Inspiration in Instagram with Obese to Beast

If you ain’t know by know, you’ll never know about…obese to beast. That name is apt as homie lost 180 lbs and is jacked. He’s also kept it off for 7 years. That’s incredible.

His no no-nonsense approach to weight loss and eating has been an inspiration to me. He, Mookie Yaz, and others in this space get me motivated to put in work.

I am starting off small: every Sunday for four weeks, I lift for 30 minutes. I follow a HASfit video routine and put my AirPods Pro in with an Apple Music Playlist and hit the weights.

HASfit YouTube


John’s workouts got me thinking about CrossFit

I hated, absolutely hated the CrossFit’ers at my gym in Pittsburgh. Felt like it was some kind of cult. It’s almost like veganism or atheism1 you must tell everyone about the good news of The Cult of CrossFit.

But when watching John, or Obese to Beast do his crossfit workouts I have to be honest, it looks really fun.

Me doing a little commentary on his workout

Weighing food and eating sustainably

He talks a lot about eating healthy in a way that is sustainable for you. This is one way to ensure the longevity of your weight loss. First, however, you need to assess your relationship to food, and your body. I am addressing all this in therapy. There is a lot of baggage there to unpack and it’s a lot. I don’t need any rah rah yay you type of things so I’ll leave that shit for the couch2.

His statement about eating sustainably has resonated with me and some of the things he eats I’ve found to be quite enjoyable, a la Hippeas Organic Vegan White Cheddar Chickpea Puffs and The Better Chip Kale & Chia Whole Grain Chips.

My last grocery haul was massive and I tried to get things I know I’d eat. I tend to grab fast food or takeout when I am too tired to cook up a meal. This is why John’s statements on the subject resonate with me and how he eats resonates with me as well.


I’ve also been weighing my food religiously and I have to say, it has made a world a difference in how I determine what, and how much, I eat. I was either underestimating by a wide margin or overestimating. I bought this cool little food scale from Amazon on Monday and have been weighing ever since.

Nicewell scale


Some things John talked about or showed he eats:


Five eggs and broccoli slaw, two 8" tortillas, some bacon which he doesn't eat, and topping the eggs with Feta cheese. It was really good. He eats 6 eggs though.
Ham & cheddar sandwich, Rx Peanut Butter protein bar, and a whole ass bag of Hippeas. This was really caloric and even without the Rx Bar it was hefty. I have to limit how many I eat, like eat a piece of fruit with it to fill me up.

Two Sundays of burn 🔥

May 17th
May 24th

That’s all

I’ll leave you with John talking about how he eats. It is almost 12am and I need my final snack of the day.

  1. I’m an atheist btw so I can say this. I know some atheists like this. I used to be one of them when I was younger. 

  2. The proverbial couch because a. quarantine and b. therapists really don’t use couches.