Hey. I’m Tiffany, and I am a pretty big human being.

I talked all about it on my fitness journey collection on my personal blog, but I am trying to shed the weight I’ve gained in my late teens.

I’ve lost 140 lbs before, almost getting to my goal weight, to gaining 80, losing 80, and gaining 100+ back.

Life comes atcha fast.

And it did.

Fitness, food, and vlogs

This is a companion blog to some vlogs I am going to start on YouTube soon. I anticipate the absolute worst because it’s YouTube and I am a pretty big human. But I feel like I need to hold myself accountable. And thus…

I am just sharing whatever random nonsense that comes into my brain that I think about during this journey related to health and wellness, but not in that skeevy healthy and wellness way.

I’m old, I’m crotchety, and I just want to drink my mango smoothie in my office, okay?